Saturday, September 29, 2007

Father Brown Mysteries for the Young

Are you familiar with the superbly written Father Brown mysteries penned by the late, classical author G. K. Chesterton? They are very deep, very thought-provoking, and very entertaining.

Now, Nancy Brown has taken four non-murder mysteries from these stories and simplified them into a chapter book for children ages 8-10. Look for the book, hopefully, in time for Christmas.

You can see the cover here at Mrs. Brown's blog. Makes me wish I still had young kids! Maybe I'll get it anyway.


Alexandra said...

Ohhh, goodie! Thanks, I'll be sure to look for these! :)

Micki said...

I'm still waiting for my "Father Brown Mysteries" from our local library. One is never too old to read "for the Young" I hope.

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Alexandra, Glad you're looking forward to it. Should be great for your son!

Micki, What I meant by "for the young" is Nancy Brown's upcoming book, which is a re-writing of four of the mysteries for an 8-10 yr. old level. The original G. K. Chesterton stories are very deep and I would say, fairly advanced reading, even for adults. But no, personally, I don't think one is ever too old to read books that are for the young. I still enjoy them! :)