Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"But I Don't Know Latin"

Have you perhaps heard about the Summorum Pontificum, which will make the Tridentine Mass more available, and thought: That's all very interesting, "but I don't know Latin". Not to worry. The Latin Missals have the Latin and English side by side.

Here is a an affordable Latin-English Missal that has just been produced by Roman Catholic Books. It doesn't include the full set of Sunday readings. But it does have the ordinary of the Mass for Sunday, and the full Requiem and Nuptial Masses. (For anyone for whom that last sentence was "Greek", the "ordinary" is the words and ceremonies that occur at every Mass, in other words all except the prayers that change with the Church year. A "Requiem Mass" is a Mass for someone who has died, and a "Nuptial Mass" is a Mass offered with a wedding.)

This book has 20 full-color illustrations by masters, and yet costs only $8.95.

Hat tip to Nancy Brown.

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