Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thank You for Blog Comments!

A question was asked a few weeks ago at the Moms Who Blog group about responding to blog comments. Does blog etiquette suggest that we should respond to comments at our blog? The answer that someone offered was basically no. Not that it isn't a great thing to do but that it isn't an "ought to do" type of thing.

Many bloggers have so many comments (sometimes a hundred for one post) that they would never be able to respond to it all. Some others only post sporadically, and there's a reason for that: their blog time is very limited...so they don't have time to respond to comments.

One question I've always wondered is how many people who leave a comment come back to see if the blog host or anyone else has commented on their comment or on the topic. I guess people do, because sometimes I myself wander back to someone's comment box to see what else has been said since I was there.

And I do enjoy responding to comments at my blog! However, I found out in the past few weeks, as I prepared for a new school year, that's it's not always something I can keep up with.

Please know that I love to have you comment at my blog. I might not always respond. But I read each and every comment lovingly. I think of you. I'm asking God to bless you. Thank you for your blog comments and keep 'em coming.


Esther said...

I've often wondered about this topic. I know it's okay not to respond to a comment. But personally, I feel if that reader has gone to the trouble of commenting, (even if they don't come back to see a reply) I owe them the courtesy of replying. I hope that makes sense. I am not saying that I expect bloggers to always respond to my comments...not at all. But this is how I feel about comments on my own blog.

Margaret Mary Myers said...

And I for one appreciate it! I kind of wish, though, that there were a way I could (easily) reply directly to the person who leaves a comment on my blog. I think with some blog providers there is. Anyway, the only reason I'm not commenting on comments lately is the same reason I'm falling behind on emails. Too much to do, and too little computer time. :)

Esther said...

I know the feeling :-)
God bless MM