Friday, September 28, 2007

Praying the Rosary from Your Computer

(Update added October 2011: Here is a great newer Rosary website I found recently. Come, Pray the Rosary.)

Have you ever gotten up in the night, worrying about someone or something?

Have you ever wanted to say some prayers when you were alone, perhaps in the early morning before everyone gets up, but thought you could keep your attention on your prayers better if you were sitting at your computer?

Enter online Rosary websites. Here are two that I thought you'd especially like, from among the many that I looked at.

If you would like someone to pray along with, Catholic Radio Dramas has a CD, which you can either buy or listen to for free online. (The link in the previous sentence will take you to the home page. From there, near the top, you can click on Online Rosary.) A male voice announces the Mystery and reads a Scripture meditation, and then leads the prayers, while a group of people respond. You can see masterpiece pictures depicting the mysteries. You'll need Real Player to listen on your computer. If you desire, you can also watch a video of Rosary pictures while hearing the prayers recited. For that, you need Windows Media Player, and a link is available to download it.

If you prefer to pray quietly at your own pace, but would enjoy visual aids, the other Rosary website provides traditional pictures, brief Scripture meditations, and little boxes to check off each Our Father, Hail Mary and other prayer that you recite. You can even print out the page, if you wish. This site is good for both those who've been praying the Rosary for decades but just want a little help keeping on track and those who've never said a Rosary before.

When I said, "Praying the Rosary for decades..." I wasn't trying to write a pun, but I had to smile when I re-read it. For my non-Catholic friends who might not know what I mean by a pun here, of course I meant that I've been saying the Rosary for 36 years, since becoming a Catholic...more than three decades of my life. But the Rosary is also divided into sections of one Our Father, ten Hail Marys and one Glory be (to the Blessed Trinity), while meditating on a Mystery in the Life of Our Lord. Each of these parts of ten is called a "decade". So I guess you could say I've prayed many decades of the Rosary for many decades. And that, by the way, is because it's such a beautiful, comforting prayer.

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