Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Two Headaches + News

Two headaches going on here: The one inside my head, and the one inside my computer (or wherever it is that causes my computer to not get online). I'm on my son's computer at the moment, and our friendly computer-fixer is coming on Thursday. Now I have a riddle for you. Why would any mother link her son's computer directly to the internet service and make her own computer be the one that is wireless?? The answer is: temporary insanity. Naw, actually, I didn't want to put my computer next to the t.v. and in front of the fireplace, nor to have cords draped across the balcony door and all of the living room. Hence, wireless was "the only way to go". Or so I thought...

Maybe by Friday I will think wireless is great. Here's hoping.

In the meantime, did you see all the news about the annual March for Life in WA D.C. on January 22? What news, huh? I don't watch the news on t.v, but I look at it on the internet and I didn't see any from the media. Don't know where the media is when the good guys are out there. There were tons of people marching and from what I hear half or more of them were young people. If you'd like to read what some of those young people were thinking and feeling, visit Maureen's blog.

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