Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Voted. Have You?

Catholic Blog Awards is now collecting votes on...well, Catholic Blogs!

Three of the blogs that were nominated are ones that I feature on my sidebar! Woo hoo! Let's hear it for our friends and their wonderful, informative, interesting blogs. The ones I'm talking about are Maureen Wittmann; Melissa Wiley's Here in the Bonny Glen; and Danielle Bean's Danielle Daily (although the Awards site has it listed in reverse order as "Daily Danielle". Also nominated was Esther's A Catholic Mom in Hawaii, who has a Catholic Homeschool Blog Directory, a neat service, so I gave her my vote too.

There are a lot of categories, and there were a lot of blogs nominated for each category. This could take a lot of time. However, if you don't have a lot of time, how about just going and voting for these four?

It might take a little thought, though, as some of them were nominated for some of the same categories. Let's see; I think Maureen's blog was nominated for Best Individual Catholic Blog, Best Written Catholic Blog, and Funniest Catholic Blog. Danielle's blog was nominated for the same three. And Melissa's blog was nominated for Best Individual Catholic Blog and Best Written Catholic Blog.

I did feel that the nominations were ALL good and appropriate. But I thought that Danielle, with all her young children stories, has some pretty funny entries. And although it was hard to narrow Maureen's down to one category, I picked Best Individual Blog for hers. Although I wasn't sure what any one else's interpretation of that category would be, to me it's appropriate for a blog that it is there every day, with a variety of topics, appropriate for homeschoolers, new and veteran, as well as for non-homeschoolers, and for mothers and others. In other words, I think it has universal appeal. I then voted for Melissa's for Best Written, and Esther's for Best New Catholic Blog.

So...browse the blogs. Become aware of the awards. The voting is open through Friday. This is one place where the fate of the world doesn't rest on your vote. But it would be nice to show our support, and also show that homeschooling blogs are popular; so if you'd like to vote, you can click here.


Maureen Wittmann said...

Thanks MM for the nice plug!!

There may be just too many to check all of them. I've gotten through about 1/3 of them and I didn't even spend too much time looking at each.

Best Design is probably the easiest catagory to vote on since you only need to really look at each blog for a few seconds to know if it's a good / original design.

I'm sure I'll vote for Way of the Fathers for Best New as well as Smartest blog. Curt Jester is pretty funny but I've yet to check out his competition. Not sure about Best Apologetics -- maybe Jimmy Akins. And Amy Welborn and Mark Shea are at the top of my list for best blogs. I'll have to check out some of the group blogs. So far, Heart, Mind, and Strength is top on the list.

And then there are all those great homeschooling blogs you mentioned. We'll have to lobby for a Best Homeschool Blog catagory next year. Then you, Elizabeth Foss, Missy Wiley, and the rest have a chance at an award.

Esther said...

Mahalo nui loa Margaret Mary! I sure appreciate you voting for my blog.