Monday, February 05, 2007

Sidebar Updates

A list of labels has been added to the sidebar to direct you to some of the previous posts, according to type, such as "articles", "homeschooling", etc. (check it out).

There is also a "Blog Roll" (previously entitled "A Few Favorite Links"). This list of blogs may grow over time, so check it out as often as you'd like, and feel free to come to my blog in order to visit other blogs.

I also added a copyright notice at the bottom for any original material (which is just about anything here, except for the occasional quote and such as that). Please do NOT copy and send any of my posts around in an email (I should be flattered if you thought of doing it, though!). But you're most welcome to link in an email to any that you want to share or, if you have a blog, you're welcome to link through your own blog! (smile). If in doubt about use, you can email me any time at Or you can email me there just to say hello! (smile)

Making these changes to the blog was my "Super Bowl" project, since I'm not a football fan. I could sit in the same room, and enjoy the guys' enthusiasm (and snacks!), while doing what I love.

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