Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Do You "Like" Lent?

Years ago I knew an elderly woman who said she LOVED Lent. I didn’t quite relate. But hey, maybe she knew something I didn’t know. Maybe she did something I didn’t do.

I decided this year I am going to like Lent! I wouldn’t spend the time feeling guilty about all that I’m not doing and “should” be doing. I would be pro-active and decide ahead of time what I will do.

But I got up this Ash Wednesday morning, once again, without a definite plan, just ideas. I would give up sweets (nothing more than I should be doing every day of my life, since I have a tendency to hypoglycemia, but something I have not been doing).

But what would I read for spiritual reading? There’s a book I would like to read, Devotion for the Dying by Mother Mary Potter. I love Mother Mary Potter. But I don’t already have that book, and it would require spending money and waiting for the book to arrive.

Browsing Catholic Exchange, I found my answer. I love to read the Bible, but how often do we really do it? Why not go to the Words of Our Lord Himself each day for inspiration? I have a Bible already in the house. Most of us probably do. And in this article in Catholic Exchange, a number of Catholic Bibles are recommended.

There are even Bibles available online. So far, I’m not sure if there are any Catholic Bibles online other than the Douay-Rheims, but this translation can be found, fully annotated, at New Advent.
For my readers who are not Catholic, there are other Bibles online. You can find a variety of them at Bible Crosswalk (for those who are Catholic, the Bible search at this website also includes the Douay-Rheims Bible, as well as the many others for non-Catholics).

Anyone want to share? What do you do for Lent? How can we love this season and let it help us to grow in our love for Our Lord?

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