Friday, February 16, 2007

Red Light, Green Light

Do kids still play Red Light, Green Light? Do you even know what I'm talking about, or does this game go back too far for some of you? (If you're interested, the game is described here.) I played it as a child, and our older kids used to play it when there were enough kids around (or maybe that was just our family, making "enough kids"). All you need is a field or large yard; you don't even need a ball or any equipment.

Well, a variation of Red Light, Green Light is what my internet connection has been playing with me. My computer guy tells me it's not my computer, that it's interference from cordless phones...not necessarily ours. We share space (living in an apartment), so it could be anyone or anything wireless.

So...last night I ordered a 100' cable to connect our computer to the router in my son's room. I wanted to share with you this source for cables (whatever kind of cables you might ever need). We used this company before to get a cable for our monitor, and the prices are unbelievable compared to some "regular" markets. It's called Cables for Less. And no, I don't get a cut for advertising. Just wanted to share with you, as I was amazed at the difference in price.

Now if I can stay online long enough, I'll send this post...


Maureen Wittmann said...

Yep, my kids still play it, though not too often. I'd play it with them when I only had littles, so they learned it from me.

Chris McLeod said...

Since I'm Margaret Mary's sister, I know the game well. We used to play it all the time in our long narrow backyard.
BTW, if you'll read one of her other blogs you will see that I knew her when and still call her Peggy.