Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tweaking the Blog

Last night I was giving some serious thought to my writing, past and future. I wrote down everything I've had published (whether for money or free; whether published by someone else or by me on the web). And then I wrote down projects, plans and ideas of things I might like to get published in the future. Would you like a peek?

Braille Drills for Young Readers to teach children and youth - who already read in print or have already begun to learn Braille - to become fluent in reading Braille words.

A First Communion Book, written at the child's reading level, that teaches in a devotional way.

Lesson plans for homeschool parents of legally blind students who use books on tape from the Library of Congress Talking Books...for subjects such as history.

The first two potential books have been long "in process". Maybe I won't share with you any of my doubts about these projects, so I don't put ideas into anyone's heads. Ha....And I don't mean doubts about my ability to write them. I don't have a lot of doubt about that (given enough time). My doubts are about whether they would be accepted, published, marketed, bought. Any comments will be accepted and welcomed. (Well, I THINK so. smile. It might depend on the comment as to whether or not it will be welcomed. smile. )

This morning something occurred to me about my blog! You could read my daily entries and check out my links, and never even realize that part of my passion is promoting education adapted to students who are visually impaired! So this morning's project has been to tweak my blog. First I added this topic to the blog title. Then I added links in the template to two websites which provide information in the blindness education field. In "Blindness in Depth", my good friend Sarah tells of her own experiences and provides a plethora of resources. At Kester Braille, another dear friend who is a retired Braille teacher, explains her Braille books that parents can use to teach beginning reading in Braille...even parents who don't already know Braille.

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Cay said...

I love reading about other writers, their plans, their dreams, their work. Thanks for sharing, Margaret Mary.