Saturday, March 10, 2007

Remember the Time Change

We're setting our clocks ahead early this year. Remember to set them one hour ahead tonight! And yes, those cars on the clock are my Corvettes! Vroom, vrooom. I also have a few model cars. Couple years ago, while on a break at my part-time job, I was making a list of decorations and memorabilia to keep if we moved. I wrote at the top, "Stuff to keep" and under it I had: '63 Thunderbird, '57 Corvette. I didn't mean anyone to see my list, but my young friend, the 18 yr. old stock boy, saw it and got big eyes. Of course I explained that they were models and we laughed together at what he thought I had meant... (and no, I don't have Corvettes in my garage or parking lot, either; only images of Corvettes in my home).


Esther said...

Aloha Margaret Mary:
Thanks for the link! I've added yours too. BTW, could you please check the link as I think there is an error.
God bless,

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Esther, Thank you. I don't know what I had done, but I've now fixed it, so the link takes you to A Catholic Mother in Hawaii. Aloha to you.
Margaret Mary

Esther said...

Mahalo Margaret Mary!