Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Little "Secrets" about My Blog

1) How did I keep up the blog with our daughter here from out of town? Well, yes, I did get on the computer some while she was here...but I also had most of the blog posts sitting in Microsoft Word, ready to go. (Smile).

2) I have secret fears about my blog. (I guess they're not going to be secret anymore.) What if I run out of things to say? Or what if no one is really interested? Should I be spending my time some other way?

3) I began posting on a daily basis rather than an occasional basis when my second son became visually impaired (this past January). There wasn't anything I could do for him, and I had to "do something". Now I realize I was probably doing what Elwood N. Chapman suggests in his book, Attitude, Your Most Priceless Possession. He says that all of us deal with both positive factors and negative factors in our lives. He says that in order to keep our attitude postive, it helps to "play our winners"...whether it's taking a walk in nature or listening to classical music, or a hobby or sport. Whatever we do well, or whatever is a happy influence for us, can help to keep the positives stronger than the negatives in our lives. Neat, huh?

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