Sunday, March 11, 2007

Potato to the Rescue

Meal planning used to be my nemesis. With one family member who has gastric reflux disorder, someone who has a strong gag reflex for certain textures, and the need to be thrifty, it was always a challenge to figure out what to serve for seven days' worth of meals. Enter the baked potato.

I could plan a meal that would suit almost everyone. The one who couldn't eat it could have a baked potato (or two). He could even make it himself. (And yes, in my family, it often is a "he"!).

A baked potato can be served with the same salad or vegetable that everyone else in the family is eating, but the potato itself can also be individualized regarding protein and condiments. Some have cottage cheese on the side. Some have shredded cheese on top. One son even adds ketchup to his potato.

Meal planning is so much more fun now!

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