Saturday, March 17, 2007

If you like visiting blogs, you just might like Bloglines! offers ready access to the blogs you like to visit. After the easy-peasy, free sign-up, you add the blogs you like. (I then just stay logged in to the site on my computer, with my Bloglines page bookmarked in my "Favorites".)

When you go to your personalized bloglines page, you can see right away who has posted something new at their blog. You click on the blog name and "voila"! The new post appears in a nice neat format, pictures and all. If you'd like to go to the blog itself, with the blog owner's personal template, you simply click on the title and there you go!

For me, this saves multiple visiting to see if so-and-so has posted anything new lately. Very nifty.

Hat tip to my new friend Holly at A Woman Seeking Grace. Thanks, Holly!

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