Monday, January 15, 2007

Rosary Update

Last night I happened to get up in the night, and since I was up, I happened to start worrying about someone who was out (not my only worry). So of course I wanted to say a Rosary. Being alone and still in the quiet of the night, I thought it would be nice to say it through a Rosary website. So I went to my own website here and clicked on the Mission Rosary link. When much to my dismay I discovered that I didn't have Macromedia Flash installed on my computer, I decided to forget it (that website, not the Rosary). Who wants to experiment with adding new programs at 2:45 a.m.? case you have a similar situation, I have now added another link which I entitled "Simple Rosary Site". It has pictures and short meditations. It even has cute little boxes to check when you finish each prayer, so you don't loose your place. I think there is background music -- if you don't happen to be using it in the middle of the night, in a place where everyone could hear whatever you do...a time when my speakers are definitely off, and my only concern my noisy keyboard (my keyboards are always noisy after I've used them for awhile. I get accused of pounding the keyboard. Who me? I think that some part of my finger memory tends to revert to the old manual typewriters (if that doesn't date me!).

Good night and God bless!

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