Monday, February 11, 2008

Site Meter and Search Engines

As a blogger, I've just discovered a new way to go crazy. (Like I needed new ways.) Although I have a site meter, I don't check it often...I especially don't look often to see how someone came to my site. But doing so can be an interesting pastime.

I found someone was looking for a split pea soup recipe (hope you liked it), a prayer to St. Helena (you're welcome), and Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (I hope you found what you were looking for).

But some of the referrals were a little harder to comprehend, like the one coming from a blog, where there didn't seem to be any link or mention of me. How'd the person get here? And a search for Valentine's Day for a certain age of child. I explored several Google pages to see how they got to me before giving up.

Now I know why I don't visit my Site Meter too often. I have a bit too much to do right now to run off down winding trails. But whatever you've come for, you are welcome and thanks for stopping by!

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