Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ash Wednesday Thoughts

"What can I share on my blog for Ash Wednesday?" I've been thinking for a couple hours. I think I used to share more about my life or thoughts here at my blog than I have been lately. Well, maybe I figured out how public a blog is, or maybe I have just been a bit overwhelmed with too many different things to think about lately. It seems that I share what someone else has to say more than what I'm thinking. Today I will try to do a little of both.

I've noticed that some people stop blogging for Lent. That's good if it gives them more time for prayer and reflection, and I guess we get to sacrifice reading their blogs. Today my friend Holly said on her blog that she plans to blog more often for Lent. Now I like that! I can't wait to hear her thoughts.

Last night someone asked me if I'm going to give up the internet for Lent. Um, no; I don't think so! Actually, I consider email a way of staying connected with loved ones, and blogging an opportunity to spread a few good words, however poorly.

But I would like to do a few little things, among them maybe be online a little less and pray a little more. And a wonderful idea I got from a good priest's blog, A Shepherd's Voice, is to say a prayer before getting on the internet. He has a prayer on the post, written by a Father Zuhlsdorf. If you're interested, check it out here. Of course, we can say any prayer we want, but what a neat idea to always offer a prayer before we enter this world of abundant thought.

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