Friday, February 29, 2008

Drinking Away One's Sorrows?

Everyone knows that the focus of my blog is...not. It doesn't have any one particular (or general?) focus. This does have its advantages. When I see an astounding article like this, I can share it with you. Does it "fit" the blog? Why not? Basically my blog is whatever is on my mind or heart, or what I find interesting that I hope you may too. Without further ado, I thought you might find this article interesting. Or maybe enlightening:

Drinking Makes Heart Grow More Sorrowful, Study Finds

Although, due to alcoholism in the extended family, I jokingly refer to myself as a prohibitionist, I am not sharing this article to say, "Don't drink." (I am, after all, Catholic.)

I don't want to tell you "Don't..." about anything, but if I were going to, I would definitely want to say, "Don't drink to drown your sorrows." Very dangerous practice. But now we have a laboratory test about it. Wow!

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