Friday, October 12, 2007

Tribute to My Mother

I wonder. Do you think they celebrate birthdays in the next life? Today would have been my mother’s birthday were she living still: Columbus Day. Oh, I know, Columbus Day falls on a Monday; but it didn’t always. How well I remember the great “Columbus Day Storm” on October 12, 1962 in Vancouver, Washington (that’s southwestern Washington, not Vancouver B.C.). We calmly ate Mom’s birthday cake in the basement that night, while the roof was being torn off my grade school a half mile away.

I remember another birthday. I made her a dress. Oh, it was an awful tent dress, and it was in my favorite spring colors, off-white and lavender, while Mom always wore autumn colors, red-orange, turquoise, rust. Those realizations only dawned on me later. Of course she was gracious anyway.

My Mom and I weren’t as close as I would have liked, but I am grateful to her for so many things.

First of all, she gave me life, the greatest gift.

The second greatest gift she gave me was that of respecting people, regardless of race, nationality, special needs, or whether they were old or very young.

She gave me the love and tools of reading, first by reading books to me - with feeling – until I was able to read them to myself, and secondly by coaxing me to sound out every sign and label that I was curious about (and I was curious about every word I saw).

The fourth gift began in the fourth grade when my teacher said I was “a good writer”. Mom praised my writing, too, when she heard that. When I was an adult, she told me I should be writing for publication. I did that…once. And then I got very busy raising my children. For years I never really tried but once or twice to share what I wrote with the world.

These days, once again, I am making the effort to share what I have to say with others. Today, you can read my article in the Homeschooling channel at Catholic Exchange.

Thank you, Mom, for all your gifts. This one's for you. Happy Birthday!


Maureen Wittmann said...

Someone once told me that she believed everyone is 33 in heaven as that was the age of our Lord when he died. So, maybe your mom gets to celebrate being 33 every year!

Great article at CE, BTW. Thanks!

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Thank YOU for using the article! I am very honored to have it on Catholic Exchange!

Esther said...

What a beautiful tribute by a very loving daughter. I am off to read your article. God bless MM

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Thank you, Esther! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mom, I didn't remember all that about see, I learned something too. My blog about MY mother's gonna be longer than yours...ha!

And your article about homeschooling is great! But then again, I already know you are one of the best writers out there...from a purely professional point of view ;-)

Margaret Mary Myers said...

LOL. Thanks, Mary!!! :)

Chris said...

Hi Sis. Glad to see you were honoring our Mom today. I was thinking about her all day and telling everyone I work with that it was my Mom's birthday today. She would have been 81. I learn from these blogs also. Didn't know about the dress you made. I was thinking the same thing-that no matter what, we need to be grateful to her for giving us life. And for helping us get through our lives until we could help to deal with our own lives. Happy Birthday, Mom !!!

Jean M. Heimann said...


I agree with Esther - this is a beautiful tribute to you mom and it also says a lot about her daughter, too.

God bless you!