Tuesday, October 23, 2007

California Fires Update

We have family in Santa Clarita, about a mile from Magic Mountain. They are doing okay, sitting tight for now, and sounding calm and cheerful. Apparently the fire is across the freeway (which to me, sounds bad, but to them, means there is a natural barrier). Also the wind is blowing the fire away from them. If they are told to evacuate they will, but so far they haven't been told. You can read about this fire here.

Thank you, Melissa, for providing the link to this blog which gives updates on the fires.

We are praying, of course, not only for our own family and friends, but for everyone in Southern California and anywhere who is affected by the fires. And may God especially bless the dedicated firefighters and their families!

Let's keep up those prayers!


Esther said...

We are praying for everyone MM.

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Thank you, Esther!

I am sure many people are praying. It's reaching the point where probably just about everyone at least knows someone who knows someone who lives out there. I just heard from a childhood friend in Oregon last night that her daughter and family are in So. California in a possible evacuation area, packed and ready.

But today the winds are supposed to be settling down. Thanks be to God!