Monday, October 22, 2007

High School Math and Science at Home

"How do you homeschool high school math and science?" I've sometimes been asked. Some of those who ask this don't even realize that my own math and science are particularly lacking, with probably the equivalent of an 8th grade education in those two subjects. Yet our kids manage to get into college with honors!

Over the years, my answer has been pretty consistent: "I give them the tools for learning, by teaching them how to read well, and how to study and work independently. Then I find the best materials that we can afford, and they teach themselves." Dad helps them with math, when they need it, though his work hours are long. And now we have the Teaching Textbooks math program, which is more self-teaching than any we've had before!

But now my visually impaired freshman is having a bit of a struggle with Dr. Jay Wile's Apologia Biology, which is quite understandable, considering he has to listen to it on tape, or read it under a video magnifier...making it a little harder to skim and just look something up quickly. In schools, the teacher does (sometimes) actually teach (rather than just handing the kids books and assignments), so I suppose it's okay for me to help him through this course. But now I'm going to have to actually learn it with him.

Some day maybe I'll write an article about all this; but for now, I'm off to high school. Wish me luck!


diana said...

I could use more information on Teaching textbook and the science program...we are using Seton independently but next year will be tricky. My daughter is technically 7th grade, but has consistently done work a grade ahead. (she looks like she is 10 unfortunately).

We are using Saxon and have heard its a killer in highschool. And the science program you mentioned--I heard it prepares kids well into college. I hope Seton lets us use those programs. I am never happy with science except for the grades 4th 5th 6th Rod and Staff that my daughter liked a lot.

Margaret Mary Myers said...


I really should have included the links. I must have been tired or in a hurry. I will look those up and put them here in the comments box!

I would rather have a child look younger than he or she is than older, especially a girl. Hmm, when one of my sons was 18, he had to have surgery and they kept wanting me to sign and I had to keep telling them I couldn't. One woman said in front of him, "He can't be 18!". :) Poor guy. But he is the one who's president of the Newman Club so I guess he survived. I'll be back with the links soon.