Monday, October 22, 2007

Emergency Prayer Request

Please pray for the people of Southern California. The fires and weather conditions pose a very serious risk for many people. I just received an email from family there, telling us they are all right at this time. But the fires are raging out of control in many places throughout the region, "...we have had winds clocked at 108 mph, and are expecting gusts of up to 90 mph today. This is the longest drought on record in SoCal, and we are expecting temperatures in the triple digits today. In some areas, the fires are creating their own weather, in the form of twisters."

California is a huge, heavily populated state; and a large chunk of that area and population is being exposed to heavy smoke and serious concern for their property and lives, as ten fires range from San Diego to Santa Barbara.

Please pray for the firefighters, for their own safety and that they will be able to get the fires under control. Pray for the residents. Pray for miracles.

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diana said...

Aren't I awful! I never read the news and so didn't know, but I suppose prayers are retroactive.

I cannot imagine leaving my home because fire threatens.