Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Prayers for the Elections and for our Nation

Anyone who visits my blog may know that I don't discuss politics. But I do have concerns, like everyone else, about the elections...and about the general health, safety and economy of our country, now and for the future.

You can find a daily prayer for the elections at Maureen Wittmann's blog. For any of us who are just now getting to it, it may be too late to say the prayers as a nine day novena; however, we can still join in the prayers for the days that remain. The power of prayer is in the intention and in the love we put into it.

What great power of love will be flooding our country in the coming people all over the country pray! Whatever the beliefs or prayers may be, whatever the outcomes may be, God will surely bless in His own mysterious ways a country that is steeped in prayer.

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