Saturday, October 18, 2008

Catholic Homeschool Co-op in Baltimore

Do you know any Catholic friends or family members in Baltimore who are starting to homeschool...or do you know anyone moving to Baltimore who is a Catholic homeschooling family? If so, you might like to let them know about our homeschool enrichment co-op. We are very economical (all you need are transportation to where we are and a willingness to participate). We are very democratic (we have a council form of leadership - which looks to the members to all decide together what activities we want to pursue).

At the present time, we mingle and grow friendships over lunch, board games, and projects (this fall the kids had fun making a rocket). Then we have a spiritual element, one week a Gospel reflection and the next week a Catholic apologetics quiz-type game. We follow that with P.E., led by a P.E. teacher who is now a homeschool parent.

We are blessed with resources. The kids love our old Catholic school building, complete with lockers (part of a current parish, which generously shares their facility with us). We have several classrooms, a fenced parking lot to play in, and our own arts and crafts supplies.

If you know someone who would be interested, they can get in touch with me at:
margmary53 at yahoo dot com

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