Thursday, July 24, 2008

We Have Moved!

We actually accomplished it...somehow. We moved. It was only about six miles away, and only from one apartment to another, yet what an undertaking! I never want to do that again. Well, probably I do, some day, but not right away.

I have some advice if you ever consider moving:

A) Forget it. (Just kidding.)

B) Get rid of everything BIG. Do we really need a king-size bed? Wouldn't a queen-size bed work? Do we really need bookcases that are 6' tall by 4' wide? Think small. And if you're getting ready to buy a desktop computer, how about a laptop? (Not all our desktops are in current working order but we have four of them! And of course that also means monitors, etc.)

C) Do not (I repeat "do not") make any decisions about cancelling anything on the morning of the move...especially the landline telephone service.

Yes, on the first morning of the move, I received an email (just before our internet was disconnected), telling me that our new DSL internet was not going to be hooked up for another two weeks. So I called our cable t.v. company and told them I wanted them to give me internet in our new place after all...and the lady told me that if I let them give me telephone service too, I would get free long distance 24/7, and it would cost me only $2.00 more than I had been paying for t.v. and internet. Well, we had just found out our cell phones would not work in the new apartment so it sounded fabulous. I said YES...and cancelled our landline phone.

Long story short: We now have landline phone service with our previous provider. I tried to cancel the not-yet-working digital phone service with the cable company, but I was told that now if I cancel it, I will paying about $20 more per month than if I keep it (keep what??). Well, if and when it gets up and running, we will at least have the free long-distance. And with family - immediate and extended - in various states, that is always a good thing.

Now if I can just find my way through the maze of boxes to the telephone.

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