Friday, July 04, 2008

Blind Son Gets Guide Dog

Exciting news in our family! Our college son who became blind a year and a half ago is at guide dog school. He received his dog yesterday, a black male which is a cross between a black lab and a golden retriever.

My son sounded soo happy, and we are all happy and excited with him.


Love2Learn Mom said...

That is fabulous! So delighted to hear it!

When I was in college my brothers' raised guide dogs - I think our family placed four or five dogs over the course of many years. What a great way for kids to get involved in an incredible concept. :)

ukok said...

I'm so pleased for your son :-)

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Alicia, Thank you for your enthusiasm. It really is wonderful. And what a great thing for your brothers to do, and a great idea for other families to participate in such a project.

Debbie, Thank you for stopping in, and for joining in our joy.

Margaret Mary

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

That is so beautiful! The dog sounds awesome and I'm so glad that your son is so happy!

Happy Day!