Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Dog Ate My Homework and Other Unlikely Stories

Actually, I don't have a dog. Nor do I have least not as pets, unless you count the ones who like to frequent our balcony.

Yesterday, with five minutes to finish getting ready for work, I discovered that my uniform shirts were in the washing machine, wet. I found an adequate substitute, and headed down to my car.

Lo and behold, three little birds (presumably from my balcony?) were flying around inside the front of the car. I had left the little roof-top window only goes up a bit, and I've left it up many times in the past ten years that we've owned the car. No tiny animal has ever invited himself in before. Okay, first time for everything.

I opened the driver's door and nothing happened, so I left it open and went around to open the passenger door, after which the birds flew out the driver's side. I went back up to the apartment for some disinfectant wipes, cleaned everything up, and headed off.

As I drove, I prayed that nothing bad would happen. And nothing bad happened. But on the route that I take every single day, there was - for the first time - a detour. I just had to laugh.

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