Sunday, April 06, 2008

Just Visiting

Like in monopoly, I am just visiting. I'm not really back from my sabbatical. Or perhaps it's changed from a sabbatical to a change in priorities. I may not be able to post frequently anymore.

Since a public blog is very public, I haven't felt I could post all my personal business here...which is also my personal "busy-ness". But I will say that I've had a lot on my mind and been very busy.

I will say that in addition to homeschooling and teaching a weekly preschool class, I have started working a part-time job.

I will also share with you that one of our children will be entering the Air Force in May, one of our children just launched her career, and one of our children was just accepted into his college of choice...

Other than that, there's nothing new going on. That's supposed to be funny, of course. Well, and it's not quite true, either; but, as I said, it's a public blog.

God bless you, my friends.

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