Friday, April 18, 2008

Good Morning

The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. The sky is blue.

Why are the shrubs in the parking lot covered in red when it's not fall but spring? Ahh, I really should learn more about different plant types. Maybe some day...although I have my doubts. I like to just enjoy the beauty without understanding the visual detail.

This morning I've been commenting at a couple blogs as I visit them, and I decided I really ought to say hello to my own blog readers -- if I still have any.

One blogger was wondering why she blogs and whether it's worth it. I told her - basically - that it's just good to know her. I guess I guilt-tripped myself into blogging this morning.

Why did I start my blog? At the time I started it, I was working part time in retail sales at a department store. I wanted to share with people how it felt to be a retail clerk, how we can lift their day for love of God with just a smile or a good word. As time went on, I also wanted to help others who were struggling financially to know they were not alone and offer a few tidbits of advice now and then.

When my second son began losing his vision, I threw myself into blogging daily. It gave me something to do, not that I didn't have enough to do, but something positive and uplifting to do.

As time went on, I continued, hopeful that maybe I could start a part-time writing "career", and blogging would be a good networking opportunity for that. I got some kicks out of watching my site meter, but my greatest joy has been getting to know some really wonderful people...not for anything they can do for me, but just for who they are.

Eventually, I realized I was not launching a writing career - at least at this time. And I did need to make that little bit of extra money. So I got a part-time job. I will probably always write in some way. I have books on back burners. I have to keep buying more stoves to have enough back burners to put them on. You should see my kitchen. Ha. Just kidding. As you may know, I live in an apartment with a little kitchen, but yeah, I have a lot of ideas for books that I never quite get around to writing. Sometimes I think them, and later on someone else writes them. And that's okay, too.

So for now my life has taken a different turn. I'm working part-time in an interesting job. Interesting to me, but probably sounds boring to some. I try to describe my job and people yawn and their eyes glaze over. Let's just say I work in a billing department of a medical office but I don't get on the computer. Suits me fine because my responsibility is simply to be accurate. When I go home, the work doesn't go with me.

I've gotten more involved in our homeschool co-op, where as some of you know, I have been teaching preschool this past year. I will be more involved next year than this year. This blog used to be my apostolate. Having relocated, it was also where I had most of my friends. Now that I've entered the...I won't say the "real world" because this virtual world is very real...but now that I've submerged myself into a different world of apostolate and friends whom I can see and touch, I don't have as much time for this one. But I have so many wonderful friends from this blogging experience, this whole online experience.

Hey, I am not saying good-bye, but only good morning!

God bless you all! (If there is any "you all" still reading).


Stina said...

Thank you.

Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said...

I'm back reading after a week away in Egypt!

Meredith said...

I'm reading : )

I never knew how you started your blog. Even though you've moved on to other topics, your note about common courtesy for retail workers was so on-target!

Mary Poppins NOT said...

I am still here. I was essentially off line for a while, but am back now. Go check out a new icon I did!