Friday, July 17, 2015

Chop, Chop -- Book Review

A Review of the Book, Chop, Chop, by L. N. Cronk, currently available for free as a Kindle book.

I just finished crying over this book. At least I think I finished. It was a satisfying cry.

I loved this book all the way through, and I can't tell you how rarely that happens.

Who would have thought a 60 year old woman would enjoy a book that starts from the viewpoint of a preschool boy and follows him through to young adulthood? But it was simple, yet captivating. The conversations, the characterizations; all of it made me feel like I was right there, enjoying the friendships of these young people and of their families. Religion is an integral part of the story - it is called contemporary Christian fiction - but the religion comes through in a natural and caring way.

Throughout the book there is a tension, the knowledge that the book is leading inexorably to both love and tragedy. The tragedy might have been too much for me even a year ago. When it came, it did bring me to tears of sorrow; but as I continued to read, I was brought again to tears of joy.


Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

I've apparently had this book in my Kindle for a while (I get free ones as I find them)--thanks for the great review; I'll definitely move this one up in the lineup :)

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Thank you, Barb. Let me know if you enjoy it. :)

Chop, Chop said...

Stumbled upon your post - thank you so much for your review!! I'm glad that you enjoyed the book. Many blessings to you! Leeann N. Cronk

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Leann, thank you so much for dropping by and reading my review, and thanking me. Thank you for being a blessing. Margaret Mary