Thursday, September 19, 2013

Myers Family Cookbook: Frugal Foods

Whew! I got this book finished just as school started...and then I got super busy!  I'm sorry that I hadn't announced it here at my blog before now; but finally, here it is.

The Myers Family Cookbook: Frugal Foods is now published and available in three formats:

Print book available from Amazon.

Kindle book available from Amazon.

Nook book available from Barnes and Noble.

I want to thank all those who helped and inspired me in getting this book published. I also want to thank my husband who sometimes heard, "I didn't make dinner because I was working on the cookbook," which I thought was kind of humorous in an ironic sort of way. 

Here are the chapters:
Meatless Main Dishes and Soups
Main Dishes and Soups Made with Beef
Main Dishes and Soups Made with Chicken
Special Occasion Dinners
A Few Basics
Sweets and Treats 
Menus and Shopping Lists
Easy Eating

And here is one of the recipes which is in the book. Although I may have tweaked the recipe for the book, since the time when I posted the recipe online a few years ago, it's basically the same recipe, and one of my favorites. 

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