Friday, January 18, 2013

Celebrating His Life

Today is the anniversary of the day on which our son Paul died last year, not the official day according to the report, but the day that those closest to him, who found him, thought was really the day. 

We used to tiptoe around on an anniversary of death or on the birthday of someone who had passed away, trying to pretend, perhaps, that nothing had happened.

But I've been learning a few things about grief. I've been told: Do something that the person liked, remember him or her in some special way. On the anniversary of my sister's death I made Ranger cookies, a favorite of hers.

And so my husband had an idea for today. "Paul liked Applebee's", he said. So we - those of us who live here in Baltimore - went to Applebee's. And we talked about Paul and some of the other things that he enjoyed, and we recalled his laughter and his joy.


Lorraine said...

What a wonderful way to remember Paul! I'm sure he is smiling now, remembering all the good times you all spent with him. Hugs!

Grace said...

What a great way to grieve through your loss. I might have to suggest to my husband, Paul, we go to Applebee's tonight for our date night.;) Blessings, Grace