Monday, August 20, 2012

Writing My Story

Sometimes I get a lot of projects going at once.  I've been working on promoting my newly published Little Saint Therese book. I'm working on producing my favorite project of all time, my Minute Psalm Retreats, which I've been working on for about 30 years. And I'm still trying to finish my Myers Family Cookbook.

But I've also started trying again to write my story. I've finished the first chapter, and it feels very good to get it all down on paper again. The last time I tried this, I still had too much unfinished business. I would never have admitted this to myself at the time, but the last time I tried to write it, I still had too much bitterness. Now I am able to see the good and bad, side by side.  

Besides that, I didn't know before how to approach the viewpoint. After some more trials (as in difficulties and griefs), some counseling, and reading a riveting memoir (Dawn Schiller's The Road Through Wonderland), I am ready to try my hand at telling my story once again...although it may be awhile before you are able to see it.

God bless you all in all your projects and endeavors.

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