Friday, August 10, 2012

Little Saint Therese - First Chapter

(The color picture from which the gray-scale picture in the book was taken)

          1) Little Saint Therese Liked to Play

You probably like to play with toys and games. Did you know that the saints liked toys and games too?

The Little Saint Therese may have liked some of the same things you do. 

Out-of-doors she liked to swing and to skip rope. Little Therese also had dolls, a spinning top, a tiny wheelbarrow and other toys. 

Do you know what Saint Therese enjoyed most of all? She enjoyed setting up her little altar. She had little candlesticks, little statues and a little missal. She even had a tiny chalice, such as the priest uses in the Mass.
"Papa!" she would call, after she had set up her little altar. And how pleased she was as her father admired her work of art.


You can read my other sample chapter here...or buy the book here. Enjoy! 


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