Thursday, May 31, 2012

Poem to a Former Friend

Months ago, I lost a friendship - or what I had thought was a friendship. Today, in an effort at closure, I thought I would write an angry letter.  After all, how could someone be friendly and then shut me out of her life?  Maybe if I could write an angry letter - not to send to her, you understand, but only to shred - maybe it would help me. 

But alas, my plan for an angry letter was an epic fail. Instead, I sat down and wrote a free verse poem. The words just flowed onto the screen, all the way to the end; but they were not what I had in mind when I sat down.  I don't feel I should send it to her, because it might appear, yet again, that I was trying to get the friendship back. So I will share it with you.


Look up. God will help you every step of the way.

Look up. The stars are shining on you with God’s love.

Look up. The blue sky shows God’s love for you.

Look up. One day you will be with Him, wrapped in His gentle embrace.

Look up. One day you will be with your loved ones who have gone before.

Look up. They are smiling radiantly down at you. 

Look out across the horizon and see that God sees the rest of your life.

Look out across the fields or skyscrapers and know that, with Him, all will be well.

Look across at your family and know that God loves them even more than you do.

Look at me and know that I love you in God’s love, not just selfishly because I liked you.

Look at me and know that I love you in God’s love, not just gratefully because you were there for me.

Look at me and know that I love you forever, like a sister, however distant we may be,

And I will love you in heaven, in His love, for all eternity.    


Renee said...

That is awesome MM! Beautiful even! My angry letters never turn out like that! Hmmmm...

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Thank you, Renee. Not all my angry letters do, either. :) Although sometimes people even get mad at me that I don't get mad enough. LOL. But yeah, I had no idea what was coming. But I think I was being guided, and that it was the best way for me to deal with it for my own healing.

Maryellen said...

The poem is not only beautiful, but for me its very useful. I often get frustrated at how things are going. I tend to slip into self-pity and spiral downward. The poem can bring me back to my senses. I'll print this off and use all except the last paragraph.

Thank you.
BTW I signed on to follow you.

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Thank you, Maryellen, for telling me that you found it helpful. I really felt as if the Holy Spirit was working through me on this one, and I'm grateful that you like it. And I'm happy you are following me. :) God bless. MM

Alexandra said...

Sniff, sniff, this was beautiful! I've outgrown a lot of my old friends, but I still feel love for them. It's so sad when you can't find any common ground together. I wish my friends were still my friends, but you can't turn back time. :(

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Thank you for commenting, Alexandra. And I think we will see those friends again on the other side.