Thursday, June 09, 2011

A Picture Perfect Childhood - Book Review

“With all your children being adults, why would you want a book about picture books?” you might wonder when you hear that I just bought A Picture Perfect Childhood.

1. I want to review it for you!

2. I will probably have grandchildren some day.

3. I may want to write children’s books again, which means I should immerse myself in the best of children’s books.

“How would Cay Gibson’s book benefit me?” you might ask for yourself.

1. If you have children, she explains how you can enhance your child’s imagination and education in just 15 minutes a day!

2. You will find a plethora of lists of beautiful, meaningful picture books you can buy or find at your library.

3. Have you ever bought a “coffee table book”? I have found that some high quality picture books can grace our tables, as well as our lives, whatever our age. Cay Gibson explains the value of picture books for more than just young children, and she gives us examples of picture books for mothers and for teens, as well as for travel, for holidays, for cooking, and more.


Anonymous said...

I found picture books or even books with wonderful photos and a small amount of text to be helpful in a nursing home. They cause the person to tell stories or remember happy times. One hispanic lady who could not read English enjoyed looking at a book I had of Spanish religious pictures and statues of the American southwest.

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Thank you for sharing that!

RAnn said...

I'd like to invite you to participate in Sunday Snippets-A Catholic Carnival which is a weekly opportunity for Catholic bloggers to share their best post with each other. This week's edition is at

Faith on the High Wire said...

Found you on the AggieCatholic's blog and think I may know some of your family from a school in Manassas, VA. Love your blog(S)! I'm returning to homeschooling this year with three of my girls and am happy to have found you!



Margaret Mary Myers said...

RAnn, Thank you for the invitation. I will certainly consider it it!

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Went to your blog and it looks great. Nice to meet you. I don't have family in VA; lots of Myers in the world. :) Looks like you have a lovely family.