Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Meme - Name it what you will

I was tagged for this meme by my dear blogger friend Jean at Catholic Fire.

1. Do you wear a name tag at work?
No. I "work" at home. But I wish everyone wore name tags everywhere except home.

2. What kind of car do you drive?
My Pontiac Transport minivan is now 15 years "young"!

3. What do you order when you go to Taco Bell?
Burrito...which is what I'm eating right now, only I made it at home.

4. Have you ever had a garage sale?
A couple that totally flopped, and one that our good friends and my kids helped make successful when we relocated.

5. What color is your iPod?
iPod? What's that? Just kidding but nope, don't have one. If I had one, I suppose it would have to be pink! Do they make them in pink? :)

6. What kind of dog do you have?
Dog? What's that? Nope, no dog, either.

7. What's for dinner tonight?
If it's Saturday, it must be pizza (from the freezer, not delivery).

8. What is the last alcoholic beverage you had?
A few swallows of Egg Nog on New Year's Eve.

9. Stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone?
Let it fly out of my hands, out of the car, and onto the concrete. It was okay except for the scratches.

10. Last time you were sick?
Does a cold count? If so, it's now.

11. How long is your hair?

12. Are you happy right now?

13. What did you say last?
"Are you happy right now? Duh." Guess that was a menopausal type answer. :)

14. Who came over last?
Our out-of-state, adult kids for Christmas!

15. Do you drink beer?
No, but I like the smell.

16. Have your brothers or sisters ever told you that you were adopted?
Can't remember, but if so, we were both joking.

17. What is your favorite key chain on your keys?
My Giant discount tag? I don't have any decorative tags with my keys. I like to keep my keys simple.

18. What did you get for graduation?

19. What's in your pocket?
You really want to know? Kleenex. Needed plenty of those last night while re-watching "Remember the Titans".

20. Who introduced you to the person who tagged you for this meme? (I changed this question from the original.)
Esther of Catholic Mom in Hawaii.

21. Has someone ever made you a Build-A-Bear?
Nope. I'm beyond that generation, I think.

22. What DVD is in your DVD player?
We don't keep DVDs in our DVD player.

23. What's something fun you did today?
Email a dear friend.

24. Who was the principal of your high school?
Don't remember the names of either but, as editor of the school newspaper, I got along with him but not the dean.

25. Has your house ever been TP'd?

26.What do you think of when you hear the word "meow"?
Cat; what else? My daughter's cat?

27. What are you listening to right now?
My son commenting with me, as I do this.

28. Drinking?
Water. Aren't I good? Don't ask me later when I go out.

29. What is your favorite aisle at Wal-Mart?
The one with spaghetti, tuna, refried beans, etc.

30. When is your mother's birthday?
My mom's birthday was October 12, which used to be Columbus Day.

31. When is your birthday?
January 26.

32. What is your area code?
Too revealing.

33. Where did you buy the shirt you're wearing now?
I'm supposed to remember this?

34. Is there anything hanging from your rear view mirror?
A green rosary to coordinate with my green car.

35. How many states in the US have you been to?
Can't remember at the moment, but that reminds me that I was going to post something about that before Christmas and forgot. Now I have something else to post soon.

36. What kind of milk do you drink?
Chocolate, made with 2% milk.

37. What are you going to do after this?
Mail something one of my kids forgot to take home at Christmas (yep, I'm kinda' slow these days).

38. Who was the last person you went shopping with?
Grocery shopping with my three sons who live at home.

39. What is your favorite fruit?
Strawberries fresh from the garden.

40. What about your favorite dessert?
Maybe cherry pie. Maybe with cherry cordial ice cream (which has chocolate in it).

41. What is something you need to go shopping for?
Clothes, with a gift card from Christmas. (See previous answer: I'm kinda' slow these days...or maybe busy is the word.)

42. Do you have the same name as one of your relatives?
Yes, a cousin.

43. What kind of car does one of your siblings drive?

44. Do you like pickles?
Yep. I eat everyone else's at hamburger places. (Most of my family members don't like them. Don't worry, if you like them, I wouldn't eat yours. :) ).

45. How about olives?
Like black. Don't eat green.

46. What is your favorite kind of gum?
Any kind that never enters my mouth. I don't care for gum at all. I used to use it to keep my ears from plugging when flying...but have learned to manage without it.

47. What is your favorite kind of juice?
Sparkling anything.

48. Do you have any tan lines?
Don't think so. Do I have any tan? :) Don't think so.

49. What hospital were you born in?
St. Joseph's.

50. What is your favorite TV show?
Murder She Wrote with Angela Lansbury.

I tag anyone who would like to join in!

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Jean M. Heimann said...

Nice job, MM! Cherry pie is one of my favorite desserts, too!