Saturday, December 15, 2007

What is Your Favorite Herb or Spice?

This isn't one of those cute little quiz things. Just a question.

Last night I was giving my daughter a beef stew recipe over the phone - a recipe I've had for many years - and I saw that I had written in the margin "add 1/4 teaspon thyme". I have a meatless split pea soup recipe that I made up myself which includes thyme. And whenever I make an omelet (a couple times a week), I put thyme inside. I knew I loved a touch of thyme but it wasn't until I was dictating this recipe last night that I realized how long this has been true.

What is your favorite herb or spice and how do you use it? I'd love to hear from you about this in the comments box.


Alexandra said...

My absolute favorites are tumeric and nutmeg.

Esther said...

I have so many. Like you, I love thyme and I also like turmeric like Alexandra. I guess I would say freshly ground pepper. I use it in practically all my dishes.

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Ah, I will have to look into that tumeric. And that freshly ground pepper sounds good. Thank you for sharing, Alexandra and Esther. :)