Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Goals vs. Resolutions

Last year I thought I was really clever. For those of you who don't see me in person (most of you reading my blog), I weigh a little too much and I carry it mostly as a middle-age stomach pack. So last year - as the new year approached - I made this clever resolution that I would get to where I could tie my shoes without pain.

A few months later I realized that I was indeed tying my shoes without pain now, but I hadn't lost a pound. I had learned a better way, had without a conscious effort learned how to bend sideways to do this task.

When I got the news last January that our second son was losing his vision, I did two things: ate more and blogged more (lucky you, not so lucky me). I can still tie my shoes without pain.

So I enjoyed this article about setting goals rather then resolutions. The writer says that when we set a resolution, we set ourselves up for failure. What we really want is to make a change and if we set a goal, we can remain flexible about how to achieve it. Food for thought (the best kind of food).

Hat tip to Sister Pat at Joy Notes.

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