Saturday, November 17, 2007


If you haven't yet seen the movie Bella, this Sunday may be your last chance. From what I have read, if enough people see it this weekend, it may run through Thanksgiving weekend. So, either way, now's the time for a last big turnout.

My husband and I finally went to see it today. The people were absolutely beautiful, bigger than life. I totally fell in love with the wholesome, generous Hispanic family...and the girl was a suberb actor, too. My husband said they emoted well, and he's a bit of an acting critic, so that's high praise. I would say there was a powerful lot of emotion, but it was very natural.

It wasn't an action-packed or fast-moving film, but when I asked hubby afterward if he was bored, he said an emphatic no. The overall plot was good but I was confused a bit at times, although the things I had been confused about became clear as the movie progressed. We enjoyed this movie and if you haven't yet, I hope you will.

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