Monday, July 10, 2006

From My Air-conditioned Caravan

Here I am in the desert...riding along in my air-conditioned caravan! Some desert, huh? No camel-riding, no thirst, the ultimate in physical comforts; although there sure is a lot of sand.

My allegory refers to a previous post about our having to go through the desert yet. Do I see an oasis coming up or a mirage? We THINK we have found our place to live! I will post back when I know for sure.

For anyone who has not read the previous posts about our relocation, I am not talking about a literal desert. No, we are not in Palm Desert or the Saharas. We are here in Baltimore, and it's a beautiful city. It grows more beautiful as the strangeness, and the loneliness of leaving our community behind, fade a bit. It might help, too, that the torrential rains stopped. It also helped that a new friend I met through an egroup had our family over for breakfast with her family. And another new email friend from the same egroup (whom I haven't yet met) gave me the name of a doctor when one of the boys needed one (something important but minor; not to worry). Although this is a pediatrician, so will only "work" for two of the five of us, there's something comforting about knowing a doctor. And he and his staff were very nice and are in a great location.

Anyone want to buy a lovely house in Northern Kentucky? Could I ask you to say a prayer that someone will? Please? (smile)

When we have our new place to live and our "old place" disposed of, then I won't worry about anything, anymore, ever again. Anyone believe that one? (smile). If you believe that, I have some desert property to sell you, too.

God bless.

Margaret Mary

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