Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Let's Go out into the Real World

Let's go out into the real world. Let's go out and smile at our neighbors, the people at the store, whoever is in our world, whoever is within our reach. Let's talk one-on-one with our friends by messaging or email, or on the phone, or meet up with local friends over coffee.

Let's build one another up. Let's be supportive of one another's emotional needs. Let's admit our own emotional needs...not by making ourselves vulnerable to the online crowd, who might tear us up like lions in the coliseum, but sharing ourselves with those with whom we feel safe. And by the way, yes it's okay and a good thing to provide someone a place to feel safe. That's what friends do; that's what neighbors do; that's what we do when we see a need and an opportunity come together in the same place...we are there for people, to support them

Can I take the time to step out of my comfort zone to go meet the lady in my community who is still mourning her young adult son? (No, I'm not asking you to do that for me; I'm saying there is actually someone I've met who wanted me to stop by her workplace to say hello, and I haven't gotten around to it.). Can I reach out and pray with someone, as one of my young friends reached out to me the other day? Can I send an email to a friend who is not on Facebook or a letter to someone who is not online?

Can I read a real book, whether non-fiction or fiction, but something with substance and a little longer than a Facebook post?

Can I look up today and see how lovely the sky is? Or are my eyes too glued to the crazy thing the friend of a friend of a friend said on Facebook to notice? Are we letting our opportunities to come make a difference in the world, slip through our fingers?

I'm ready to step out of the online world a little more and into the light of day. Join me? 

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