Monday, March 03, 2014

Pardon my dust

I changed my mind again. I can do that, right?

"You changed your mind about what?" you might be thinking, if you didn't see the post that I just took out of circulation. You see, recently, I had decided to split my blog into two blogs. I had a blog I hadn't been using, so that was perfect (or so I thought). That blog was called Reflections, so I thought I would put my reflections there. Perfect, huh? (Or so I thought.)

But this morning, I had a different thought! My faith and family - my reflections on life - are part of who I am. So those would go better on the blog that "goes by" my name. "Margaret Mary Myers thinks" this or that. 

But my thoughts about cooking, trying to organize, and living frugally, are part of what I do. Those posts would be better on a blog that has its own title, based on those thoughts rather than on the name of the person who writes them. So I named it Simply Frugal Concepts

Perfect this time? I hope.  

In the coming days or weeks, I might move some of my past posts one direction or the other (and hopefully I won't get mixed up and move them to the "wrong" blog). So, in the process, please pardon my "dust". 

Thank you and be blessed. 

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