Monday, October 24, 2011

Prayer regarding a Former Workplace

Perhaps quitting a job is much easier than being laid off, because we usually only quit if we are prepared and feel we can handle it financially at that time. But it's often difficult, either way. I wrote this in the past after quitting a job (largely because I was needed more at home). I just decided today to share it with others. I'm "getting there" (the things I ask for myself in this prayer), and maybe that's why I began to realize that maybe there are others who might appreciate this prayer also.

Prayer regarding a Former Workplace

Heavenly Father,

Please take my sorrow at missing people at my former job and turn it to joyful memories. Please take away any confusion and feelings of unresolved issues and grant me peace. Bless all the people I worked with, and especially those who helped me and those who were helped by me. Please fill all their needs, physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional; and fill their hearts with peace.

Please help me to forgive from my heart - and forget - any words or other signs of unkindness toward me or toward others I love. And please forgive any unkindness I have spoken or thought. Grant that we may all gather together in harmony in heaven one day.

Please guide everyone, from the ownership to the management to hourly employees, as well as myself and other former employees, in all our decisions, both in our homes and in whatever work we do now or in the future. Please bless everyone with good health and medical care, and with the insurance and finances to receive the care they need. I ask this all in Jesus' Name. Amen.

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