Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Morning Revelation

The earliest dental appointment I could get was right in the middle of my work-day. Since I work only part-time already, I decided to just request the day off.

Being a morning person, I was up early that day, as usual. To my dismay, I discovered that we didn't have any eggs or milk, and we were low on bread. For once, my kids' occasional complaint that "there's nothing to eat" almost rang true. I would run to Trader Joe's, even though I had hoped to have a quiet morning at home.

Driving home from the store I looked at the southern sky and what a delight it was! Sandwiched between the gray cloud cover and the clouds meeting earth's horizon was a band of light...a wide horizontal swath of color: blue and yellow. Running vertically through it all were vertical white rays of light. All I could do was gasp in awe at the beauty, and thank God for His creation.

While I drive to work each morning, I often pray, "Please this..." and "Please that...". "Please help this person" or "bless that person". And there's nothing wrong with that. It's all good. But sometimes it might be even better to slow down and look at His creation, too, do you think? The prayer that is worried, hurried, and harried is still prayer, and He wants us to ask. But how good for our spirit is the prayer that lifts our heart joyously to the good God!

If we take our focus off the cares of this world for a few minutes, what wonders we can see.

What beauties lift your heart to God and renew your spirit?

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