Monday, October 16, 2006

Arise and Walk

What would I do without my morning walk? Yep, it's a new part of my schedule. The leaves don't seem to be changing color, but it's still beautiful to see the leafy trees stretching overhead - reminds me of my childhood - and to feel the nippy Autumn air. I usually read a passage from the Gospel before I start, so that I can have food for thought and prayer. This morning I went from Gospel to budgeting before I managed to convince myself to hurry up and get out of the house; so my mind was less on the things of God and more on the things of economic survival...or I should say the things of economic recovery.

But as the exhilaration of walking and the sights of nature began to clear my mind of "rubbish", the words "Arise and walk" came to mind. I thought of Lazarus, naturally, but I also thought of something else. That is what we must do. Arise from old habits of anxiety, and replace them with not only planning and discipline, but trust and calm.

Of course, "Arise and Walk" might also be something to post somewhere to remind myself to get up and take that walk each day. Do you walk each morning (or lunchtime? or evening? or whenever you can fit it in). I highly recommend it!

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