Sunday, September 25, 2011

Little Saint Therese Book

Added in August of 2012:

Exciting news!  The Little Saint Therese book is now available in a bound book with a little black and white picture for each story. I have also added a couple of prayers and a few suggestions of other book titles about Saint Therese for both children and adults.

Updated in September of 2013:

You can now get the Little Saint Therese book for $5.39 from Amazon.

 The original post from September 2011 about the free pdf file (which does not have the pictures) follows: 

Happy Day! Red letter day for me here. Browsing around in Google search, I discovered that my previous Geocities website still exists, hosted by something called ReoCities. I can't edit the website but it's there.

What's more, that means that the link to my Little Saint Therese Book is there, and joy of joys, the link works! The link on that page takes you to the pdf file, which you can read or print or download to your computer...or even put to your Kindle, if you have one, via your Kindle to computer cable (yes, Kindle can handle pdf files, although you can't navigate as well as with a mobi file).

Click here to get the Little Saint Therese book as a free pdf file (without pictures or the added prayers and book lists). 


But, if you are looking for the bound book, with pictures, prayers, and a book list, you can buy it here.

Enjoy, and God bless you always!

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