Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blog Leans on Website

ADDED IN AUGUST OF 2012:  The Little Saint Therese book is now available as a bound book, with a little black and white picture to go with each little story!  You can read the sample chapter here. I have also added a couple prayers and a list of suggestions of other books about Saint Therese for children and adults.

You can now buy the book for $5.39 from Amazon. 

The following is the past post  about the free pdf. You can still obtain that file, but it does not have the pictures, nor does it have the added prayers or book lists.

Hello, Friends,

My first foray into online publishing was my (late) website, "Mothers Almanac". When I started blogging, I used the website to post pictures onto my blog. Then Geocities decided to close their free websites, but I decided not to proceed with moving my website. (I did copy and paste most of the content onto my computer.)

So...Yahoo shakes the magic Etch-a-Sketch to erase my website and the pictures on my blog are gone. Whoops! I kinda' knew this would happen, but I kinda' got busy and forgot. I also "lost" the hosting site for my Little Saint Therese book.

Soon, I will get the website pictures back up! (Hopefully, depending on the technologies involved).

As for the Little Saint Therese book, I'm still working on what I will do with that, but in the meantime, if you'd like a free (pdf) copy...

ADDED LATER, here is the link to the free pdf file (without the pictures that are now available in the bound book).

But, if you are looking for the bound book, with little pictures, prayers, and a book list, you can now buy it here from Amazon.

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